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We undertake valuation of virtually every property type for banks/ financial institutions, investment advisors, multinationals, corporations, non-governmental organizations, property owners, occupiers and developers.
Specific valuation services offered include:

  • Asset valuations.
  • Sole/ purchase valuations.
  • Valuation for insurance purposes.
  • Mortgage valuations.
  • Statutory valuations.
  • Forced sale valuations.
  • Rental assessments.
  • Assets inventorying.
  • Investment analysis.
  • Project feasibility studies.
  • Furniture, equipment and fitting valuations.
  • Coding and tagging


The current professional indemnity is for Ksh. 50 million with UAP Insurance Company. This amount can always be increased if need arises.


  • Receive instructions from the bank.
  • Contact the client.
  • Obtain a copy of the title deed and carry out a search.
  • Buy survey plan.
  • Inspect the property at the convenience of the client.
  • Have proper description including measurements and take photos.
  • Prepare the report and assess the value.
  • Finalize the report, bind and hand it to the bank.